This book published in 1938. This novel described a shy awkward young women, she adores her wealthy, brooding husband, Maxim who lives with her at Manderley .Rebecca begins with a dream of return to a place called Manderley, but she and the man, and they cannot go back. It holds too many bad memories for them. Especially this novel mentioned how much Maxim had loved,and would always love,Rebecca. The narrator lives under this shadow until she learns the true nature of her husband’s first marriage.



David Copperfield

The book is about a man whose name is David Copperfield。He was born at Blunderstone, in Suffolk, in the east of England. His father never see him because his father died six months before his born. The richest person in his family is his father’s aunt. She doesn’t agree  David Copperfield’s father and his wife married. As he grows up,David meets many unpleasant people.They made him felt very bad.

  But there are other people in his life too. There is Peggotty, his kind nurse and slow Mr Barkis, a man of very few words. They made him cherish people’s relationships. 

After I read this book, I know culture environment is very important to us. It will influence our behaviour.